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2016-Jul-15, Friday 15:36
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I decided to check out SF pride in June.
It took an hour to clear the security checkpoint.
Whats interesting to note that the whole Pride thing was a battle between a bunch of drag queens and cops, and now the homeland security goons are being welcomed with open arms.

Totally un real.

We spread the setup of the El Cerrito July 4th festival over about a week.
This made things a lot easier. I was working in the day and popping by the park in evenings to aid in the setup.
In fact, we managed to do a day and a half of stage programming.

Because Ive been laying out in the sun over lunch recently, I had a nice base tan so I didnt get burnt for once.

As usual, I managed the studio link so that KECG-FM could broadcast the stage programming both days, managed the golf cart crew to get the performers from their parking lot to the stage and back, and managed all the radios for the festival crew, scattered over a half dozen channels.

I also organized the Tent for Community Emergency Response Team.
The fire dept had given up on it, but I managed to get it staffed at the last minute and even did a shift there.

Tear down went a lot easier and by 10:30, we were in Coreys living room having lasagna.

In the last week of June, there was a bombing at the Istanbul airport. My father flew through there the next day. Since then there has been an incident on the french riviera. Hes on the way back, via Istanbul.
He was going to do some sightseeing there before coming home. I think he arrived just before todays coup.
I dont know if hes going to be home early or late. Its proving to be quite a summer.

Im still consolidating the stuff from my workshop. At the new place I traded 3 dead 1 speeds for a 20 speed mountain bike. I found someone who deals with used shelving & pallet rack, so that will help. Last year i fished 2 dead pallet jacks out of the trash, and I got 1 of them fully functional. I still need another wheel for the other. I really need to get rid of 1 of the cages there because Im underwater at the moment. Plastic can only float me so far.

The fine arts reunion was last weekend. Anyone from any year at our HS who was in music or theatre comes.
I spent most of the time with a couple guys that I didnt get along with well in HS but now we are best buds.

My class reunion is in Sept, and Im getting ready for it.
Im going "Highland Black Tie" just for grins.
I also need to find time to chase down some people who dont usually come and get them to come this time.
I still want to lose another 10 lbs for it.
I dont know if there is time to get the dental work done in time though.

Its proving an exhausting summer.

Im already in "Dickens Faire Prep" mode.


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