2017-Feb-16, Thursday

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The good news is that I have regained feeling in all of my face.
The bad news is that 2 months after the assault, it hurts like hell.

Some of the scarring is going away, but I have a few raised bumps where keloid material has changed the contour.
Remaining damage is in the vicinity where the eyebrow, top of the nose and the left eye socket cometogether.
The rest of the line across the top of the eyebrows is pretty much gone.

The mid knuckle of the left middle finger is inflamed the whole hand hurts.

The S-I joint where the spine connects to the pelvis, is out of alignment and I dont have time to get it looked at.
The latest, a few weeks ago, I shifted my weight and suddenly the pain was unbearable.

Not helping things is my weekend activities.
Doug & I had several containers for storage.
The storage place shut down and we had to move a bunch of stuff.
Some from my childhood home in Eml Cerrito, and some from Dougs parents place in San Leandro.
We got a huge unit at public storage in Oakland nearby with plans to sort it.

The containers were packed in 1985.
We moved stuff into public storage in 2002 and Doug died in 2003.
Over that year, I managed to get things from 2 units down to one huge one.
Now the unit with its annual increases is around 750, but a new one is 260.
I can get the new price IF I move out of the one Im in.
The plan is to get out of PS anyway, and get everything consolidated at the warehouse cage I rented when they gutted the place in West Oakland.

Despite the back problems, I have started the move within the property, hopefully done by the end of the month.
After that, split the one in Santa Clara into 2 cheaper units (Im paying premium for a huge one)
The goal is to be down to 1 cheaper unit at each site by the start of fall.
Over the next year, have everything at the new place.

That is, if my body survives.

Im finally digging down to stuff for the Computer History Museum.
When the deal for the site out at Clayton fell through, a lot of things got buried in storage.
To ensure that it gets a good reception, Im cleaning years of grime off some old things.
Theres some stuff that got sawdust in it somehow, and I really want to clean that out before it goes to the museum.

In the meantime, I am working on refining the workflow in the print shop at Dickens.
We dont do orders for the public there, but we do jobs for the cast and businesses at fair and we print fun stuff to give away to the public at faire.

It seems, this year is the first year that we got everything in the order book done before the end of faire, since Sully died. In fact we continued taking card orders a week later than he did and we STILL got everything done.
Im honored to have been given the credit for making things work.

Im still up to my butt in CERT, but I finally had to tell them that I cant do much for them until they get their heads out of fantasyland.
I told them to call me when they decide to embrace reality.
The sobering moment came when I had to tell the Fire Chief that HE was not being realistic either.
We are still on good terms, (I think) but hes having to go back and rethink his emergency plan, which I respectfully shot full of holes.
He blushed as he told me I was right.

Ive started dabbling in buying, selling and repairing small printing presses.
I still love doing IT for a living, but Im finding that printing presses are likely to become a weekend business.
Im searching for someone capable of sand casting steel.
I actually have a chance to acquire really cheap all the IP, mold, tooling of a press manufacturer of letterpresses.
Im not quite ready for that yet.

First, I need to get everything under one roof.


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