2017-Mar-20, Monday

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A slogan has value to the people who use it. Parody of this slogan can destroy its value. It is time to have red and white baseball caps made, reading "Make America Hate Again".

While it is not my primary occupation, I have joined the fifth estate. I am a printer who understands that printing presses topple as many governments as armies do.

I have been watching my party set the US up for another 2008 economic meltdown. Next time it happens, I hope a message that even Trump can't silence gets sent.

I suppose I'll have to donate to defense funds if protesters start throwing Wall St execs off rooftops.

As a Republican, I had high hopes for the Occupy Movement, but all they wanted to do was mkle trouble and not really DO anything. I wanted some of those morons of Wall Street strung up by their thumbs or worse.

I am NOT a NEOCON, I am a REAL conservative. Crashing the economy is not a conservative or even a Republican thing, it's radical right wing. A real conservative supports healthcare for all because a healthy workforce is a profitable one. A true conservative pays staff a decent wage, because a well compensated staff is more productive than one that is preoccupied with financial problems.

What we have in power are not true Republicans. We have NEOCONS.
Anyone who views Sarah Palin as a good American should have sense flogged into them. Sarah Palin is what my grandparents would call trailer trash.

I suppose she represents good Christian values, her son is a wife beater and her daughter cant be bothered to get married before having kids. And while Palin was so worries that Pbama might "cut and run" it was PALIN HERSELF who "cut and run".

I recall the Ferengi from Star Trek who took business quite seriously, as in war. On their home world, the penalty for severe financial misdeeds was to be thrown from the roof of the great tower of commerce.

It's probably time that we also purge the business world of the MBA attitude where every quarter must be bigger than the last. It's unsustainable. You eventually have to either sell or break up the company to keep it up. Since when is destroying a company conservative?

At first, I thought the Archie Bunkers who elected Trump would rebel when they realize they have been suckered. Now I think they will give him a pass because he actually engaged them. Meanwhile repubs traditionally ignored Archie Bunker because he was lower class. Dems took Archie Bunker for granted as he was blue collar and then dissed him for being male and not PC enough. Because Trump has publicly acknowledged this demographic, they love him, despite the fact that he will screw them in the end. Whats sad is that after hes has screwed them, they will still love him.

Im really wondering if we have placed a criminal enterprise into power.
I note the presidential staff is littered with representatives of the folks who brought us the 2008 meltdown and a good portion of experts at creating dis information.

Now that we have "alternative facts" I would like to suggest that we have an "alternative president".


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