2017-Apr-20, Thursday

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A lot has been going on.
I realize Im a difficult person to understand, and started my journal to give people close to me a view into what makes me tick.

It looks like Ive been at this since May 2003.
There have been long gaps.
I dont do alot in the "social networking" area.
Im too busy to post.
In the past, Ive gone like 6mo between posts and then flurries of dailies.

I knew that some of the LJ people went to DW.
I didnt see a point then.

In the meantime, one of the more important places to me for human contact is no more.
The passing of Grand Central Starport and its weekly gatherings have left a hole in me.

People disappearing from LJ have enlarged this hole.

I was hopeful as Steve & Colleen started anew up in Seattle.
Now they are going through upheaval yet again.
Im bothered that 2 very nice & patient people (they must be, they put up with me) are having to go through this all over again.
There isnt a damn thing I can do about it, which further depresses me.

Logging into LJ this morning, to post and catch up, slapped me in the face with reality.
I realized that the people I was desperate to keep up with were all moving.

I went to DW to open an account.
My username was already in use!
Could there be ANOTHER texxgadget?
It turned out OK.
Apparently, I had created the user on DW some years ago, but never did anything with it.

The Russians already have the data.
I dont THINK there is anything Ive posted that could get me censored, so Im not going to delete my LJ.

I dont have the copious time to do social networking, juggling multiple accounts, so I am going to do my posting from here and crosspost to LJ and see how that works.

So far, the only user Ive been able to find here is Steve/Mandelbear but Im hoping I can find all the people Ive lost touch with.

If this works, Ill post tomorrow with whats going on in my life and what I had originally planned to post this AM.

Face down, 9 edge first, roadkill on the information super data highway...


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