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Maker Faire Eve

2017-May-19, Friday 17:49
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Over lunch, I managed to weed a bunch of SPAM out of my old USENET mail account.
Yep, I have an address on one of the last USENET nodes.

Its a TTY based mail account, so attachments and links come through in Martian.
Its pretty much a text only situation.

About 2 years ago, I managed to trim it down from over 50k messages down to about 10k and then over the last 2 years it crept back up to 15k.
Now that I have remebered the password, Ive been able to get it down to 700 pretty quickly.
Im finding recruiters are STILL trying to reach me there and i have to send them mail asking them to update their address list.
That done, I am able to sometimes remove 100 old job reqs from them from the mailbox and further clean things up.

I showed off a mutt mail session to a couple of the younger guys at work just to watch the look on their faces.
It was pretty funny. "The mouse doesnt work ?"

I got a couple subscribes on my Dreamwidth account, so I know SOMEONE out there is reading what I post.
For a while, I was in doubt.

Everyone is familiar with 2001: A space Oddyssey.
What most dont know is that there were several sequels.
Among the treasures from Starport were copies of 2010, 2065 and 3001.
I had seen the movie 2010, and I now know they butchered it horribly.
I know this because about a month ago, I dug out the copy of 2010 from Starport and read a chapter each night before bed.
I limited myself to 1 chapter a night because I wanted it to last.
It also explains a lot from 2001 that wasnt obvious from the movie and when I read 2001 as a kid, I didnt understand a lot of it.
I think I need to dig out 2001 and read it again.

I am starting to understand this vicious time delay in my life.
I hear something, think i understand, but weeks later I realize that I didnt really and either I have to go get it clarified or I have to spend another several weeks actually understanding it.
This is one of the thinks in my personality that people dont realize, but its effects manifest themselves in my seeming to be a bigger jerk than I really am.

At Dickens Faire, we are realizing that Sully is managing my apprenticeship from the grave.
I joined the shop 3 years after his passing.
The recent Wayzgoose printers gathering, I got to know Sully more by talking to the other people there who knew, loved and now miss him.

Grand Central Starport was a major anchor in my life keeping me sane.
I knew it then. I feel it more than ever now.
While it was sad how it all ended, it was not going to go on forever.
People dont last forever and I vaguely realized even before it ended that they were thinking about retirement out of state, so this meant it would come to an end eventually.
It was just sad that it had to happen the way it did.

As it was winding down, I thought I had scored the coolest place for myself.
I found an old communications facility with lots of space, a monster tower (24ft square at the top),
standby diesel power, line of sight to several internet sources.
They guy who had it yanked me around another 2 years and finally sold it for 20k less than I offered him.
I later found out he had found it immensely funny yanking me around.

This, of course loops back to the whole "time delay " thing.
It also makes the Arthur Clarke books more precious.

The Santa Clara Storage locker contains my apartment from SC that I packed back in 2002.
Im working on getting it all moved up to the main on in San Leandro where I can do some much needed sorting.
The goal is to be out of Santa Clara by end of summer.

At the moment, Im looking for used rivetrack shelving.
I need to go up 12ft, but most of what turns up is 7ft and splicing is kind of dangerous, especially the loads I have.

The weekend is Maker Faire, and we will be running 4 printing presses and a pencil sharpener off a steam engine.

Im trying to keep my chin up if it kills me (I should be so lucky)


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