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2016-May-16, Monday 13:54
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They say that the best way to learn a subject is to teach it.
Ive found this to be true.

I note that California being one of the most populous, votes so late that we have no say in the primaries.
It will be set in stone before we vote.

The primaries, this year have been baffling to the international sector.
Its been an adventure to answer questions about the system to my colleagues from overseas.

First of all, the election in November belongs to the people of the US and is governed by the constitution.

The primaries are a convenience added in later for benefit of the parties.
The conventions are the property of the parties and not the fed govt.
As a result, the conventions & primaries, being property of the parties, can make their own rules as they see fit.
Most people dont seem to get this.

A supposedly successful & savvy businessman from New York seems to have gotten into the race without fully researching the rules he was going to have to abide by.
Now he cries like a spoilt brat.

Keep in mind, in full disclosure, this guy is running for the nomination from MY party.

This guy from NYC wants to champion private enterprise and get govt off everyones back, but he is going to FORCE Apple to build their product in the USA?
Me think Trump speak with forked tongue!

While there is a lot of screaming about what Trump is going to do, Im pretty sure its all talk.

Neither Trump nor Fiorina have been in charge of organizations where they couldnt fire people who failed to do their bidding.

Im guessing Trump presidency would be an uneventful one.
He would spout his rhetoric, but be powerless to do anything if congress didnt let him.
In fact this is how its supposed to work.
Congress pretty much muzzled Carter because he didnt play their game.
Trump is headed for the same.

Aside from a few platitudes thrown out to the right wing religious, I never heard Kucinich speak until after he suspended his campaign.
Actually, some of what he said actually made sense.
I couldnt tell how much he was pandering to the religious right wing and how much of their agenda he bought into.
He was probably the most rational guy my party has had in the running in a long time.

The interesting thing is that both sides of the family are deeply republican and they are ALL looking at Bernie.
Orange County bankers backing a "Socialist"? Ranchers from OR & WA doing the same ?
This is weird.

Unfortunately, Bernie seems a 1 issue candidate, and foreign policy questions are answered with answers to the "1% issue".

I dont mind voting for a woman for president, but cant we have a more honest woman for a candidate?
Such ineptitude from both parties is unbelievable.
All I can think of is that the parties are trying to keep women out of the whitehouse by parading the worst female candidates they can find (Rep: Trailer Trash, Dems: Bad choice in advisors and possibly corrupt)
Im also not wild about family political dynasties.
Founding fathers actually worked to prevent political dynasties.

I want to reward my party for having a moderate in their midst, even though they buried him, but I thing Wall St needs a punch in the nose from Bernie.


Date: 2016-05-26 23:38 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] freyjaw.livejournal.com
What a damned mess.

What do you think of Elizabeth Warren? She's not running, and frankly, she's too important where she is right now.


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