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This has been a MISERABLE week.
Even for ME its been bad.

Later, when Ive had time to think, (If I ever get a chance to do that again) Ill go through the election in detail.
I think peoples reaction to the election is a bit premature.
This is not to say that his election was good thing, but if we are going to hang him, PLEASE hang him for the RIGHT reason!

In the run up to Dickens, we have made incredible strides in pre-season prep.
Seriously, we have gotten things done that weve kicked down the road for years.
I should be thrilled. At least Sharon, who owns the booth is thrilled, so thats a good thing.

Reorganization efforts of our local Community Emergency Response Team have been complicated by the outgoing CERT director sticking his nose in and possibly wasting 3 years of my work.

Wednesday, I got all the way to work, before having to make another round trip home to pick up my forgotten laptop.
A mile out from the house I had to return yet again for my glasses.

Wednesday night, after the CERT meeting, my glasses frame fell apart.
If I can chase down some screws, I cen get them functional again.

I suppose the straw that broke the camels back is not a single straw.
Its more like a bale.

"Chessie", our cat was pulled from a storm drain by Dad, in summer 1998.
She was a mess, to say the least, and we werent sure she was going to make it.
She was hungry, flea bitten, filthy, and had worn her claws all the way down.
Not only make it, but she proved to be the brightest cat we ever had.
I remember the time she faced down a fox and drove him all the way to the bottom of the canyon.

The last 2 year shes not been walking well, particularly her hips.
A few days ago, she stopped eating, but continued drinking.
We knew what was coming.
Thursday morning, she came downstairs but was unable to go back up.
I carried her back up.
For the last few years, shes adopted one of Moms old flannel shirts as a preferred nesting spot on the foot of Dads bed.
I took off my glasses and looked into her eyes and told her "Yeah, I know"
I gave her ear skritches and headed off to work.

Around 1:22 PM Thursday, I sensed something was wrong.
I was pretty sure Chessie has passed.
I dont usually cry. I get crushing depressive episodes, but I dont all out cry much.
I had to keep leaving the building to recover. (Like several an hour)
This shot my work productivity all to hell.

Ive been visited in the past by people "on their way out".
As far as I know, all of these "visitations" have been from people I know.
This is not a bad thing.
In fact Im honored that I rate enough on their list to "check out" with me.
They are a little unnerving when they happen, but Im not in any hurry for them to stop either.
I suppose I have the makings of a rather mediocre "medium".
This was, however, one of the longest visits I can remember.

I worked late.
I got home and asked Dad whether we still had a cat.
He said we still barely had one.
By this point, Chessie was not moving other than breathing and opening eyes when I gave her more ear skritchies.

2 years ago, during Dickens, we lost one of the century old oaks in front.
I finally got most of the stump out over this summer, but had not backfilled the hole yet.

During the night, she did indeed pass.
This morning, she was wrapped with one of her toys in Moms shirt that had been her nest for so long and we backfilled the stump.

The crying jags are still coming, and Im trying to avoid notice by the rest of the staff at work.

The mystery remains, just WTF is going on.
Was yesterday just a warning? Or did I lose someone else that I havent heard about?
I shared a birthday with Kirk Douglas who went last night but we didnt know each other, so I dont see him having visited me.
Im just not sure who it really was.

I think Ive cried more in the last 24 hrs than I have in the last 40 years.
As I head into rehearsal weekend for Dickens, Im going to be just about as much fun as a turd in the punch bowl.
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