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The run of back luck continued.
I was due in Pacifica to load type cabinets for the print shop on Saturday morning.

Flat tire

The hydraulic floor jack that usually lives in the trunk was not there.

Set up the screw-scissor jack that I bought after the original in the car died.
Just as I eased the tire off, the jack rolled over.

The cell was dead. Hiking got me to a friend who loaned me a hydraulic floor jack.
It got part way up, and died. Back to friend. (Glad I wore sneakers)

He gave me the original screw-scissor jack that used to live in his last car.
This time, it all worked.

I knew I needed it all done same day, and I really wanted to use Americas Tire.
Once back on the road, detour via Millbrae to drop off dead tire.
I needed to get back there later in the day to pick it up and it wasnt too far from Cow Palace.

Off to Pacifica! It was noon and they had given up on me and left.
Back in the car and off to Daly City.

I arrived at the Cow Palace. A long counseling session with Lodema was helpful.
I finally got to the printshop before 1.
At this point, I was hopeful that the string of bad luck had finally played out.
Besides, a bad rehearsal gives you a good show?

I REALLY got to the heart of the mysterious KLUNK at the bottom of the small press.
Z! noticed that a linkage went into another linkage that was supposed to be in the shape of a 2 prong fork. 1 of the tines was missing so the connecting pin was flopping all over.
This was nothing a stack of washers and a cotter pin couldnt fix.

While we were at it, replacing that piece of bailing wire on the other pin with a proper cotter pin, of and that nail that was being used as another cotter pin, perhaps that could be replaced ?

Sharon suggested that we use her truck to pick up my tire and then make a run to Pacifica to bring a load in. I emptied the small type cabinet and got the cabinet and a few other things under the camper shell. Actually I crammed it full. This was a good load.
In the meantime Z! & Don were at French Postcards rehearsal.

After that, I was talked into crashing on their couch in Pacifica. The Papa Murphys pizzas we picked up were augmented before baking and one of the was spectacular. It already had pineapple on it, but Don added pineapple salsa and it ended up one of the most memorable pizzas I can remember.

Its been a long time since I slept the whole night in one shot.
Hot coffee and cold pizza and I was off to the basement to unload the BIG type cabinet.
By the time the rest were down, I had all the type cases stacked on the pallet jack and I was ready to lift the cabinet into the back of the big truck.
Thats when I discovered that the top of the cabinet was loose and weighed more than the rest of the cabinet.

We loaded the cases from the small cabinet into the small truck and we loaded everything else into the big truck, using my new tire as a spacer.

It didnt take long to get it all into the booth and we even were smart enough to diagram which type case went into which slot of which cabinet BEFORE we started moving things around.

The previous week, we had pretty much deglazed the rollers from the small press.
Now it was time to tackle the rollers from the big press.
While the rollers had been cleaned after most sessions, no serious deglazing had been done in over 10 years.

Z! improved the process from the small rollers by trying "wet sanding" with 400 grit and a citrus cleanser. He got 1 really well done.
In the meantime, I "inked the big press with "Easy Street" roller cleaner and loaded 1 roller on the press and just let it run for a few hours. In the meantime, I gave the machine a thorough lubrication, getting some lithium grease into places I dont know how long they had been running dry.
Easy Street did not pull the gunk off the roller but it sure sped up the process I copied from Z! and I got my roller even cleaner.

In many ways, we are vastly ahead of where we usually are, although we arent going to be able to get a head start on printing those shopping bags before opening.

Don & Z! were back in rehearsal and things were looking better.
Sharon suggest that we finally install the new tire.

Beneath the moonlight, in the parking lot of the Cow Palace, the hydraulic jack she loaned me, FAILED!!!
It was back to that screw-scissor jack that Brian gave me.

On the way home, one of the headlights failed and a cop from Albany pulled me over to tell me about it.
He was nice enough, however to make it a warning rather than a ticket.

The bad luck is not gone, but its not as bad as it was and I will have to take my victories where I can find them.


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