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Faire is underway.
Weve had days like Sunday of opening weekend when we had everything lined up and I managed to print 6 card orders in a row on a foot powered printing press.
We have also had days like Sunday of week 3 (Last Sunday) when it took me 3 hrs to get the "Make-ready" right.
We are getting it together, albeit slowly.

I have not seen Freyjaw yet.

First weekend, my cousins whom I didnt know were coming, dropped by.
I was chatting this guy with 2 kids and damn his voice sounded familiar.
"Wahts your name?"
Paul is like a completely different person from when he was in HS.

Second weekend, my sister and her family came.
Also that weekend, some people from the radio club came.
Third weekend, Tony & Tracey, I went to HS with came.

Lodema asked me if I was having fun in the print shop. Several times Ive been soloing in the shop when the rest of the crew is gone. Once doors open, the next time I end up checking the clock is usually around 2pm. Somewhere around 3 or 4 I realize I havent had lunch and if Im lucky, I get to it by 5. So, yeah I guess I AM having fun. The print shop isnt really a vendor, although we do jobs for DCF cast and other businesses. We are really more of a living history stage and in conversation we get into printing topics well outside of Dickens time.

Especially after my dark week before rehearsal weekend, I know that DCF is what keeps me alive in the winter.

Once faire got underway, my life stopped circling the drain, well until last night.
I spent the night in the ER.
I had a misadventure, got home holding a rag to my face, cleaned up, got it to mostly stop bleeding, took an aspirin and tried to go to sleep.
At 1am, I knew this was not going to work, as bleeding into the eye kept waking me up.
I got dressed with 1 hand, and drove into Berkeley to the ER, again driving 1 handed.
(MEMO to self: remember to clean blood off steering wheel)
Fortunately, there was little in the queue ahead of me.
They were impressed at how well Id cleaned and treated myself.
I explained that Id gotten as far as I could and realized it was time to see the professionals.
More amazing was that I was well into shock doing this.
BP was 180/110 and pulse 120.
Just before dawn, I was discharged with a dozen stitches in my face where my left eyebrow connects to the bridge of the nose.
After work tonight, Ill fill the scrip for pain meds.
There is light bleeding into the sinuses so between that and the beginnings of a cold I got at the Cow Palace, blowing my nose is a bit messy.
Time will tell the severity of the scar.

On the political arena, things are starting to get interesting.
I broke the staff up in the ER when I made reference to "The Blowhard Elect", although I should REALLY call him the "Tweeter Elect".
Im waiting to see if its only MY GAYDAR thats going off about Pence.
Me thinks Miz Thang be one of the GURLZZZ!
Just wait till the good Christians of the US realize that they put the "Tweeter of the US" and the "Closetcase of the US" into power.
In govt circles, the President is known as "POTUS" and the veep as "VPOTUS".
So now we have the "TOTUS" and the CCOTS".

I said it before, the next 4 years wont be a picnic, but it wont be the huge tragedy either.
It WILL be quite a ride, however, with a few funny moments such as this.

I got a cryptic email from the mechanic that has had my motorcycle for nearly 2 years.
It MIGHT be done, although Im not really ready for it.

Enroute to Pacifica to start my DCF weekend, last Friday, I caught news of a large warehouse fire.
It was Monday before I learned that the warehouse in question was "The Ghostship".
I dont THINK I know anyone who was lost, but I know the developers who are trying to get rid of these collectives, such as the one I was in that closed a little over a year ago, will use this as an excuse to pressure the city of Oakland to shut them down. I fear for the people who survived.
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