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New word to my vocabulary:
" Polymath "

Weekend #5 of fair turned out pretty well.
We finished every order in the book before the end of Faire for the first time since BEFORE Sully died.

We printed a number of silly things to give away next year including something the size of a 2x3.5in calling card that thats people for being kind enough to "bugger off".
Those will be QUITE popular.

In an earlier post I mentioned that someone used our postcards director as the model for the Fairy Godmother in Shrek-2. I ran off about 75 cards with her name in 18pt Park Ave font and the title "Fairy Godmother" in Park Ave 12pt.
Considering the nature of "Postcards", delivery needed to be in a "plain brown wrapper"
Saturday of final weekend, we had the Solstice Party after hours.
Unfortunately, I blunted my own prank by choosing the Solstice party for the presentation.
Most of the people didnt get the joke.
Afterwards, I realized the RIGHT place for the prank was in the Postcards Green Room at the end of the show.
I totally ruined my own prank.

Originally, we were (Printing crew) going to make a quick visit to the party and then head back to Pacifica.
It turned out Margie had a dinner ticket so Sharon and I headed across the street for chinese (from the same place that catered the party)
I had 4 bowls of Hot & Sour and it helped. We were all a mess.
We just about all passed out as soon as heads hit pillows.

The first of the stitches in my face have started to dissolve, so now I need to start working on scar control. Half of the forehead is no longer numb, I think this is good.
The flipside is that Im now feeling pain.

Im most of the way through x-mas shopping, luckily.
I hit the book store at the local mall. For my family history is usually a safe bet.
I hit the history section. How quaint, it was all about Hitler Stalin and a basket of other deplorables.

I saw a Terry Ptatchett Discworld book called "Truth" with a printing press on the front.
Im in the mood for another tale from the series, although I gather that Moist VonLipwig does not star in this one.
Being that printing presses have taken a major spot in my life, any book with a press on the cover gets my attention.

It was not obvious to me, but several have suggested that Lord Vetinari is preparing Von Lipwig to eventually take over as Lord Patrician. Im still not sure.

Last week, I visited a community clinic to have stitches checked.
Result of that is that I am now a patient of record of that clinic, thus they will serve as my physician for now.
There are some things that I should deal with and have put off until I had a physician.
I guess Ill have to now.

X-mas eve plans include the Svengoolie horror movie show.

I really hate this time of year. Its come closest to being fatal than any year yet.
My "Sun" treatment cant be used to ease my mood as Im supposed to avoid sun for the next
1-2 years.

To describe me as miserable is an understatement.

At the moment, I seem to "be there" for a couple people, and I do have couple things that I really Do need to get done while Im still.

Scrooge wasnt a bad guy, nor was the Grinch.
This time of year just plain sucks.

Misheard lyrics:
"HARK! The Hairlipped Angels Sing"


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