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OK, looks like the crossposting thing is working, so Ill proceed from here.
As I said, much is going on in my life.

In July, I will hit my 2 year limit on my current contract.
They have been saying for the last year that they were going to convert the whole team to perm as it will take too long to spin up another team of temps.
We are told the conversion is in the budget, but nothing is happening and we are about 2.5mo from "d-day".
If I dont hear anything, Ill be reactivating my DICE at the end of April.

I think I covered the tale of the motorcycle I got back in 2008.
In 2015, it was STILL not up and running and I realized I had to send it out to the experts of Id TOTALLY screw it up.
I made the deal that they would work on it during the non busy times in the shop.

What had precipitated this was the fact that when i test fired it, it wouldnt run without the choke set.
I kept pulling the carbs and going through them but couldnt find the problem.
The last time I pulled the carbs, I took a bit of rain in one of the cylinders and got a bit of rust in there.
Thats when I knew I had to send it out. After that, I realized WHY I was running so lean.
I was testing it without an air filter! DOH!

Last spring, I tracked down a NEW set of intake boots, but they were starting into racing season.
They have now tracked down all the rest of the gaskets etc to put it all back together.
The latest is that they have pulled the dolly with the bike and the parts out and have started working on it.
The other set of boots between the air filter box and the carbs are still unobtainable, so we are removing the air box and going with individual "pods" on each carb.
This means the carbs need re jetting.

Each of the 4 carbs has a chrome "dome" on top, and Im sure it looked cool when it was new, but the chrome is kaput and looks like hell. Yesterday the estimate to strip and powder coat them in gloss black came back. $65 for the set. WOW! I had feared that much each. So while the carbs are off the bike, the domes will be powdercoated.

At this rate, Im likely to have the bike back by summer.

The facial scars are fading. One has completely disappeared back into the eyebrow to where I cant feel it at all. Another is disappearing into the same eyebrows and it becoming harder to feel.
There is still some swelling above the eyebrows above the nose, but no scar.
I have full feeling in the face now.
There is still one between the tear duct on my left eye and where the nose connects to the eyebrows.
Its fading, but that bump will be there a while.

Meanwhile, Ive been avoiding the sun like a vampire, since early Dec, so Ive totally lost my California tan.
Im looking QUITE pale.

At Dickens Faire, the Print Shoppe was founded by Sully, Sharons dad. Sully passed in 2008, (right after I got the Seca-900). I joined in 2011. Sully's portrait hangs in the booth and he watches over us.
Having to catch up with the rest of the crew knowledgewise, I have studied hard.

This past year, a visitor commented that I should teach a college course.
After, I scoffed about it to Sharon (the printers daughter), "Im still a ROOKIE! I cant teach yet!".
She told me that actually I had learned alot and probably was ready to teach a begginning printing class.
I was gobsmacked, to say the least.

Each year, there is some facet that I get into in great depth, unintentionally.
It just happens. Ive joked that Sully is managing my aprenticeship from the grave.
Ive been told by the crew that I have actually gotten more INTO printing than anyone else in the shop besides Sully.
Sharon told me that if I had joined the shop while Sully was alive, probably *I* would be running the shop.
Im honored, but slightly uncomfortable at the same time.

The scary thing is when people look at me and at the portrait of Sully on the wall.
Some think thats ME up there and a few people, not knowing that Sully died, are starting to call ME "Sully".

The Dickens Faire Print Shop has kept me alive, literally.
Now as I have begun getting set up with tabletop press of my own, and taking on offseason maintenance of Sully's collection, I have an anchor point. Ive also started dabbling in servicing presses for other people as a side business.

Not only do I resemble Sully with growing and unruly white hair and a white beard, someone recently pointed out that I now bear a resemblance to a slim Santa.

Its starting to get warm out here in the tri valley area where Im working.
I think its time to go out and get a flattop again.


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