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2017-May-17, Wednesday 15:19
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Im not sure how to describe it.
Much is likely pressure but there is some sadness creeping in.

Its that "I want to cry" vibe that usually sits on me in Dec & Nov.

My current project is coming up on 2 years and due to hit its limit at the end of June.
It appears that despite the rules, we have been extended through the summer.

This comes as a relief to me as I can take my time in job searching.
I had already started my search, not expecting this extension.

I still have an account on one of the last of the UseNet machines and I finally remembered my password.
The mail tool I knew so well "elm" is no longer there.
I had to give myself a crash course on "mutt".
Around 2 years ago, I spent a day cleaning out spam and got my mailbox down from 50k messages to around 10k.
Spam filtering was finally available on the machine, so I set up some filters.

Yesterday, I took it from 15k messages to 7k.
I noted a feeling of sadness as I deleted spam 100 messages at a time.
I dont know why, it was just spam, but I felt the loss anyway.

In mid Jan, email and web stopped working on my phone.
Voice & IM were fine.
Off and on again tech support calls with Boost were no help.
Ive known for a while that I needed to move off Blackberry.
I bought an Android last fall and have been using it as a PDA learning the Android ecosystem.
I finally found out that Boost decommissioned their Blackberry server farm in Jan and THAT was the problem.
Last week, I made the jump. I still have files to move over from the Blackberry, however.
Turning off the Blackberry gave me a further sense of emptiness.

Im thrilled that Steve & Colleen found a home on Whidbey Island.
Im told that Im related to Whidbey.
Having Steve & Colleen succeed and "land" has been one of the few bright spots.

I looked at the webpage for the house in West Seattle, and understand the sadness at having to let it go.
While I never made it there, it looks like it it was perfect for them.
Im hoping Whidbey Island grows into something that works the same.

In the meantime, the incredibly expensive public 30 storage unit in Oakland was divided into 2 units 20ft long each at the same facility now with the bill dropping to 2/3 of what it was before.
Ive had a chance to get rid of some real trash in the process.

Next is to do the same with the 30ft unit in Santa Clara and immediately start moving that material to the main warehouse cage in San Leandro. With everything in 1 place with a less volatile rent increase schedule, Ill have a chance to do some real sorting.

Im shopping for 12ft high pallet rack and boltless shelving at decent prices so I can "go up" in the unit in San Leandro, further reducing square footage.
At some point, I have some things in real need of cleaning before they go off to the Computer History Museum.

Ive been meaning to go hang out with the kineticsteamworks.org guys.
I ran into one of the guys at the San Jose Printers Faire & Wayzgoose a few weeks ago.
This year, KSW is going to run a steam powered pencil sharpener and qty4 printing presses off a common drive shaft from a stationary engine.
The presses will be inked in yellow magenta cyan & black so we can do full color printing of bar coasters.
Since Im a steam enthusiast, but more knowledgeable about printing than steam, I got sucked in quickly.

In my panic over the upcoming end of project and being stuck by being short of shelving, KSW has proven
a refreshing distraction.
Besides getting presses working, Ive gotten to do a bit of aluminum casting and metal shaping.

The presses will have to com apart again soon as they will get repainted after Makerfaire this weekend.
Last night, I was "wet lapping" the aluminum plates cast and shaped over the weekend to get them to the right thickness for the photopolymer plates that we will be printing with this weekend.
This involves laying a sheet of emory paper on a "sueface plate" dampening the aluminum with WD-40 and rubbing. A 6x9 aluminum plate weighs more than you think! I had to do 4.

The Seca 900 has risen to the top of the queue at the shop and they have started on it.
Among other things they are converting it from "airbox" to "pods" which involves rejetting carbs and resetting valves.
It turns out it was pretty cheap to have them strip the peeling chrome off the top domes of the carbs and send them out to be powder coated black.

This past weekend, I finally found the boxes with the missing parts from the Seca 750.
The 900 project has been going since 2008, the 750 since the late 90s.
Last I test fired the 750, it still idled.
The 900 is possibly going to hit the road end summer.
I MIGHT get the 750 (time permitting) back on the road in spring 2018.

Further complicating things is the need to start ramping up for Dickens.
The common press hasnt been to Ren Faire since Sully died, and Don and I are toying with starting that again.
This means I need to do one weekend at this years Ren Fair to do a re-con.

The year is full and Im not half through it!

Perhaps I should slow down and "take it easy" but Im afraid that if I slow down the depression will get the upper hand.

I miss all the crazy people from the Grand Central Starport.
For those who havent seen me since 2012, when the hair grows out, I bear a resemblance to a skinny Santa.
My weight is staying down around 170 now. The beard is white.
Being after the first of April and before the first of Sept, its a very short crew cut.
After 1 Sept, Ill let it grow out for Dickens and to stay warm in winter.

This was going to be the year I fixed the dentalwork, but not having gotten out of storage in Santa Clara yet, its being delayed.
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