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2017-Jun-07, Wednesday 15:08
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Theoretically, the project at work is extended through the end of the year.
Since the acquisition of the company happens in Sept, there is a possibility that we might get cut short then,
but I dont have to start worrying until Sept.
At the moment, Im not building up any real reserve, so any job search will have to happen fast.

Over the last 2 weeks, I scored on some tall shelving.
Its hard to find 12ft tall "rivet rack".
Usually, when people find it, the 1st thing they do is cut the verticals in half to get twice as much to sell.

The first batch turned out to be single rivet rather than double, but I can always fix that later, as horizontals are pretty easy to find cheap.

The second batch turned out to be a variation on rivet rack, so its not interchangeable with anything I have.
It becomes a pain when you have too many mismatched shelving systems.
I went ahead with it, because I really need to go UP and decrease my square footage.
He was also still in the process of moving off of the shelves, so we had to wait a bit.

This guy was really difficult during the interaction on Craigs List.
When Don & I met him on the evening we were to pick up the shelving, I confirmed that hed been screwed a number of times on CL.
I asked him about his last name Hay, and if he was a Scot.
He answered yes and asked why. I explained that Im part of Clan Hay.
Suddenly everything was cool and he relaxed.
The night went MUCH later than planned and Don & I didnt get out of my place after unloading till nearly one am.

The next thing I need is several pallet rack vertical pairs, 12ft or taller at a decent price.
With that, Ill be able to do some serious consolidation.
I put the word out to a couple of the other tenants who clean out commercial operations.
At the moment nothing is coming up, but this changes rapidly.

Right now, one of them has a truckload of plotters hes trying to unload.
These are the ones that are ten feet long.

No word on the 900 yet, but thats just as well.
I cant afford to insure it right now anyway.

I did a public service stint on the weekend and I have a day out of each weekend through June coming.

Prep is underway for the El Cerrito July 4th festival.
On the weekend, we started pulling things out of storage.
Right now, its evenings but come next to last weekend of June it becomes daily.
Ill help evenings but cant do mid day.

Its time to retrieve contents of storage in Santa Clara.
That unit has been rising in cost to 2.50/sq ft.
Its time to retrieve it to the new place and do some needed sorting.

Getting rid of the monthly on Santa Clara will put me back into the black and enable me to both start saving again and pay down some balances.
Ultimately, I need to resume my search for a permanent building that I own.
I cant get a bank to listen, but Im paying more in rental than i would on a mortgage.

Im hunting for my copy of 2001, as its time to re read it with understanding Ive gotten from 2010.
Im holding off on reading 3001 that i got from Grand Central Starport until I read the rest of the series.
Im pretty sure I also got a copy of 2065 and I need to find that one.

Im still fighting a battle with rodents at the house.
I baited traps with peanut butter and they keep tripping them but dont get caught.
Ive tried bait, but they ignore it and seem to prefer chewing cardboard boxes over bait.
Without a cat, Im quite willing to use bait.
The old formula used Warfarin, which messes up coagulation and killed them.
Rodents are becoming immune to Warfarin.
There are a couple of neuro types that seem to work for all, but only if you can get them to eat the stuff.
I even tried smearing peanut butter on the bait.
They licked off the peanut butter but didnt lick the bait enough to be affected.

After July 4th, Ill be in Dickens Fair prep mode.


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