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2017-Jun-27, Tuesday 16:52
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I was debating whether to go to pride or not, but decided to do so anyway.
It was largely boring this year.

Work extended our project to the end of the year.
Acquisition finalizes start of Sept.
I dont know if they new owners will honor our extension.
We are also cut down to a 4 day workweek until end of Sept.
Im not sure whats going on, but Im suspicious.
I have a bad feeling that the end of year extension might be to avoid a mass exodus.
Im not entirely sure this is really going to last to the end of summer.
Im hopeful, but unsure.
With so many short gigs on my resume, something longer than 2 years would be nice.

Ive warmed up my Dice profile.
The recruiters are clueless what timezone Im in so the phone starts ringing at 5am.
They are also doing word searches, so as a Unix Systems Admin, they send me reqs for Admin Assistant and Hospital Administrator.
A sysadmin is not a developer, but I get TONS of those.
Often after correcting a recruiter, I get another bogus req.
I suspect they dont read my emails when I respond.

I dont want to look for work over the holidays, and I cant handle more than 1 month without work.
I need to find my next gig before this one ends.

Its funny, with record employment, you would expect pay to rise due to demand, but its not.
Its actually falling to pre 2000 levels.

City of El Cerrito 4th of July World One Festival is coming up.
Im on crew again.
Load in started last weekend end with Friday off, Ill be joining then.

Im making plans to get Santa Clara storage unit moved to San Leandro so Im all in one facility.
If I do this right, I trim 750/mo off my burn rate.

I had a line on an industrial building I might be able to afford, but found out it had already been sold.
Banks would love to give me a mortgage on a house, but none of them will talk to me about anything industrial.
"Talk to small business admin" they say.
I tried and their paperwork is so ridiculous, I cant make anything fly.
Im not starting a business, I just need personal workshop space, and nobody is set up for that.

Im looking at the things I still want to do in life and they are becoming more and more impossible.
Maybe its time to just give up.

Things you want to do in life

Date: 2017-07-11 19:36 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] markc1957
What kind of things do you want to do that are becoming more and more impossible? Besides, giving up means that the bastards have won.


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