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Saturday, had me up early to go down to Santa Clara for the Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System quarterly breakfast.

It was good to see Chris & Simon there. They are having a fun time rebuilding the TV news truck they got from Cheetah.

The program dealt with the rebuilding of the packet radio net in Silicon valley. They net was starting to fall apart and then the fix was to move to a Windows infrastructure and that REALLY killed it. Finally, with a platform agnostic and Linux based control system, it just might make it.

Around noon, things broke up and Craig & I went "Junque-ing". It was kinda depressing not being able to afford anything, but it was a great way to blow an afternoon.

On the way home, just after dark, we popped by Treasure Island to look at the new bridge construction. Down near the eastern waterfront, there were a whole bunch of Public works trucks and some people in an out of a pumping station. Sunday night on the news, we heard that there had been a massive sewage spill. Now we know what the drama was all about that night.

Sunday, Dad & I had a bunch of fall pruning to do. One of the exciting things included him on the steps outside the the dining room with a pole pruner and me hanging out an upper window helping aim. We filled the driveway with brush and at the end of the day, I lit up the shredder. I managed to pack the whole pile into one trash can. I also ran the stuff through multiple times so the stuff was as fine as coffee grounds. We didnt manage to dump the can on the compost pile until tonight. By then, it had started to cook and was well over bath water temp, not quite hot enough to burn. That stuff is gonna cook down well as long as it stays moist. I still have 4 oak trees to finish processing down in the canyon.


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