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The big news is that shortly after noon pacific time today, the XJ900 started.

A year and a week after I bout it on Ebay for $250. I was totally expecting
to get "sniped" and was on the way out the door at 3 AM but I bid anyway.
Being that I never get a break, it was such a shock to actually get it.
It was in pieces, part way through an overhaul. (Likely why I won it).
Ive posted on the travails so far.

After I got the carbs back in a few weeks ago, I rigged a test tank and tried
starting to no avail. I eventually realized that the bike had brand new plugs
and nobody had removed the little doohickey in the end of the plug, so the
wires werent making contact. Fortunately, I had checked compression which was
a bit low (about 30 psi low). Spark was wimpy, so I pulled the coils wires &
plugs the other night. I took the plug caps off and measured everything, and
while not in agreement with the shop manual, (which might be wrong)at least
the coils arent blown. I also cleaned up the connection between the wires and
the caps. As with many 4 cylinder Japanese bikes, 1 & 4 fire at the same time
and so do 2 & 3. Im pretty sure the fire in both the power and the exhaust
strokes of the cycle to avoid the need of a distributor.

This morning I used a battery charger to generate pulses to trigger the coils
and see if the plugs would fire. After the cleaning, the spark was better.
Dad got a chance to actually see a spark plug fire on a bench
(well actually a section of plywood on the kitchen counter next to the sink!)

Anyway, things should have worked once the ignition system was reassembled
including installing the coils twice after getting the wrong one on the wrong
side the 1st time (the *&^%$#@! book was wrong AGAIN!)

It wouldnt start the 1st time on its own but a shot of starting fluid helped.
After the 1st time, I was willing to start without the ether. Looks like I
need to spend a LOT of time on carb setup. It will start with no throttle
applied and choke on full. In fact thats the only way it will run. When
it died due to applying throttle, it did restart without the starting fluid.

I now know this is a probably "runner" and if i need to spend a bit of money,
it wont be going down the drain. Not knowing if it would ever start, Ive been
trying to get it going "on the cheap".

Job situation, Im still batting zero. I had someone hire me inn June till my
background check showed some traffic stuff. It seems, they wanted people with
perfect driving records never mind driving was not part of the job.
Things are looking pretty bleak.

I would be in a total dump, except for the success on the bike, and the upcoming
Opensource World & Linux Picnic. I will get to see some people I havent seen
in a year, so thats good. Maybe Ill make a connection that gets me employed
again. Ive been out before, but Im not sure Ive ever been out this long.

One final thought...
Every time i work on the bike, I hear various arrangements of "Blue Tango"
in my mind. I dont know the name of this bike. All bikes have them.
The bike never told its previous owner what its name was.
Is it coincidence ? Or is this bike trying to tell me her name is "Tango"
The bike is red, so it CANT be "Blue Tango", or could it ?!?!?!?!


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