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Last night, I posted about artificial intelligence issues.
I forgot to go into how ideas are formed.

You have incredibly simple concepts like "2 + 2 = 4"
More complex concepts are based/defined by the simpler concepts.
It grows like a "Jenga" game. Each concept uses smaller concepts to define it.
In software, I guess this is like "Object Oriented" programing.
(I KNEW this was a BAD idea!)

This means that a change in one of these low level "objects" end up changing everything
that defines itself based on said object. You can illustrate this by removing a Jenga stick and hoping the whole pile doesnt collapse.

Programming languages such as "C" allow to not only reference a variable, but they allow you
to also reference the memory location occupied by said variable. This makes self modifying code much easier. I wouldnt try this with C++, however.

Now, taking this backward to people again from the possibility of psychotic computers,
we can see how a seemingly small change in a stored object in someones brain can flip
the whole applecart upside down.

On to something less scary...
This coming Sunday the 1st of Nov, we have the next concert in the series at Berkeley Community Theatre. This time, it should be really fun. We will have someone playing the
"Mighty Wurlitzer" with his buddy on the 9ft concert grand. They are practiced at handling the time delay from the pipe chamber 6 stories above and keeping the piano at stage level sync'ed to it.

These things are not some boring churchy recital thingys. The theatre organs can really swing in the right hands, and the BCT series has lots of jazz & swing. This thing kicks the butt
off every organ on the west coast. It is the largest all Wurlitzer on the west coast. Its finally stopped growing as weve run outta space.

Dad & I are managing the "house" again. I just hope the PA doesnt crap out again.
The organ runs on compressed air, so thats not a prob, but it does make announcing titles difficult.

In case people want to go, its
Sunday 1 Nov 2009 at Berkeley Community Theatre,
between Milvia & Martin Luther King at Allston Way,
Berkeley HS campus, (BART accessible) enter off the quad, doors open at 2PM concert 2:30 PM


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