2006-Aug-28, Monday

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What a day!
Ive given up contracting to go perm.
Today was my 1st day at work.
My office is on the 6th floor with a view of the hill with all the radio towers and the Space Needle.
How sweet of them!

At 10 am I was standing in the lobby of Isilon Systems looking at a panoramic view of the Puget Sound
I had a good feeling about this, Im nervous but hopeful. As it turns out, the man who helped me wrestle
my luggage cart through the revolving door downstairs is the European Marketing director.

To break me in, I visited a customer site today, the Experience Music Project.
We build network storage devices. Very eeasy to configure and administer.

After new employee orientation, I started the morning racking & stacking.

The building is kind of round. Its like 2 half circles slightly offset from each other.
The data centre is in the level under the 2 parking levels beneath the street.
It used to be Airborn Air Freight's facility. Its huge.
Imagine a J shaped room with the straight part of the J being 50x100 ft and the curved part another 50x100.

Rows and rows of black cabinets filled with 2" high and 4" high silver boxes with gleaming blue lights.
Spectacular to say the least. Im glad I brought earplugs, the din of the cooling fans is deafening.

I was at the airport at 4:30, the ticket desk wasnt open yet.

Sat on a trash can after checking my baggage and drank a bottle of OJ and ate 2 granola bars before going
through security. I accidentally discovered a 1of tube of hand lotion in my carry on too late.
I have a tote bag that fold into a pouch the size of a deck of cards. I hid the tube in that and it wasnt detected.
I did set off the alarms though.

I did everything right but i had my now empty sports bottle.
It turned up on the xray (they see plastic now ?)
So we hand searched the bag and the bottle was empty.
They let me keep it but were upset about "What happened to the contents ?"
I explained that Id drank it. They were dubious but let me go even with the empty bottle.

I walked right on my flight no waiting. Made it to SeaTac.

I caught a greyline shuttle to close to where the office is.
2 blocks and I was there with a loaded luggage cart and a suit & tie.

After work I checked in at corporate housing.
Crashed & burned. Hadnt slept in 2 days.


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