2006-Sep-04, Monday

Labor Day

2006-Sep-04, Monday 23:59
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Rather uneventful day.

Hoped [livejournal.com profile] lexcoyote or rainfox would hook up.

Worked remotely on my training cluster and read the Sunday Seattle times.

Got a nice mid afternoon nap in. I seem to be tired all the time. Dunno why.
Its not HIV, Im clean, but Im exhausted all the time.
Im dreading my 1st physical in years. I have a bad feeling that Im coming up on a major cardiac issue.
I can walk, I can lift, but my cardiac output sucks. Im lucky to be able to run 20 yards before I keel over.

I hiked down to Pikes Market and did the usual Seattle tourist thing there.
The guys in the fish market throw fish at each other. Its pretty funny to watch.

Sometime after 3pm Rain Fox called and said hed be here in less than 2 hrs.
After dinner I guess 5 hrs later he phoned to say he was off the bus and lost.
His cell died before I could figure out where he was. Almost 2 hrs later he arrived.
We chatted for a while. Too late and go do anything.

He had to be back at Kays by 4:30am and the busses had quit running, so at 1 am, off he went on foot
with a hand drawn map a soda and a bananna.


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