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This was supposed to be posted last week, but got stuck in the buffer, so its coming out a week or two late.

Like Mandelbear, I too am intrigued with shipping container houses.

Ive pretty much recovered from Dickens Fair.
Between Fair and "Bucko & Champs" & their xmas holiday parodies, I managed to survive.
I didnt have TOO many "dark days".

If you get on youtube and search for "Bucko & Champs" they have some pretty hilarious stuff.
While most of us associate xmas with snow, the Aussies have another take.
Its often well over 100f, there. They celebrate xmas "the Aussie way, by the barbeque"

Im now figuring out what to do with the rest of the year.
At this point, Im pretty much a boat without a rudder.
The good thing is that Ive lost 40lbs in the last year.
The bad thing is that Im still waiting for the body to pull in the flabby skin thats left.

Two weekends ago was the memorial for my Jr High band director.
It answered a number of mysteries about him.
The obit had the date and the place but not the time.
A lot of his students didnt see the obit.
I didnt set out to, but I ended up organizing 2 tables of students.

I was taken by surprise when I found out I was going to be called upon to speak.
I hurriedly composed something on a paper napkin.
I did amazingly well.
Ive been called upon to speak on short notice on several occasions and composed on a paper towel or napkin and Im getting better at it.
Perhaps its because I dont have time to "over think" it.

Unknown to us students, he was quite font of mexican food, so a taco buffet was set up there.
Things wound down, John had a gig down in Hayward, and Vinny (Whom I havent seen since 1976) had another gig somewhere else.
John & Vinny and a couple others ended up working "pro" on weekends.
After John left, Tony came up with the idea of popping down to Hayward and catching an hour of Johns gig.
Off we went in the pouring rain, and we ended up "closing up the joint".
That place had an AWSOME pear cider BTW.
Now John had a case of the munchies.
He knew a taqueria nearby.
It was GREAT!
We ended up closing that place up too.
Mexican food twice! What a way to remember Mr Lord!

Tony & I met in 8th grade, Ive known John since 7th.
It turns out Tony knew a bunch of the same pipe organ people i knew back then but somehow we never ran into people in those circles and it was only 10 years ago that I found out he was into pipe organs too.
About 10 years ago, John got bitten by the pipe organ bug at one of the last of the pizza & pipes places.
John & Tony are both trumpet players.
Now I do see Tony at some events, but since Bella Roma closed, John hasnt made it out to any organ events.
Ironically, I skipped being house manager for an organ concert in Berkeley that day, for Mr Lords memorial.

My current manager, it turns out worked in the kitchen at Bella Roma when he was in HS.

One of the last pipe organ factories on the west coast (Schoenstein & Co) moved from San Francisco to Benicia.
They have an open house every year and I need to drag Tony & John both.
Its kind of cool walking through the shop admiring gorgeous power tools, some close to 100 yrs old,
while listening to music played on whatever happens to be on the erection floor at the moment.
They build these huge church organs on the floor, test & rough voice, then dismantle & pack for shipping.
Then a field crew reassembles on site and does final voicing.
These are classical organs, but after the concert they have "open console" and SOMEBODY gets up there and takes a shot at jazz.
Jazz sounds amazingly good on a classical.

A few days after the memorial, I got my usual USMC #3 haircut.
That blew a few minds at work, because I let it grow wild after labor day for Dickens Fair.
Im also clean shaven for the 1st time in a year.

Last weekend we had a planning session for upcoming public service events that we will be doing radio for.
We have a number of bike-a-thons & runs and other things where we use ham radio because cell coverage doesnt work well.

The building that currently houses Halted Specialties is scheduled for demolition.
Fortunately, Halted has found a new home around the corner on Corvin.
They have already started moving and doors open at the new location on Feb 1.

Im a mediocre musician, mediocre at drafting, pretty good at stage sets, not bad with photocopier and light table, but I cant draw or paint to save my life.
Ive finally figured out my passion for letterpress printing.
I found a place in the graphic arts where I can excel.
This has financial consequences, however.
Ive now bought my 3rd printing press.
All will require restoration before use, but thats coming.
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