2017-May-25, Thursday

Post Maker Faire

2017-May-25, Thursday 12:38
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I am relieved to find out that apparently, my log here is indeed being read by someone.
I was worried for a while that I was posting to nowhere.

Im recovering from Maker Faire.
I was only mistaken for "Sully" twice this time.
Its eerie, because Sully died in Sept 2008 and I joined the Dickens Fair "Elite Printing" printshop in Dec 2011.
The running joke is that Sully is managing my apprenticeship from the grave.
How many people are apprenticed to a ghost?

You can check out the pics on the kineticsteamworks.org website.
If you wonder what i look like these days, Im the one in the blue wide brimmed hat and printers apron.
I look OLD dont I ?

There were some cool things there.
I could only walk briskly by and only stopped a few times.
The free yogurt from Clover Dairies was most welcome.
Also welcome were the number of people I had not seen in years.

Notable was "Peter" the networking guy and sometimes visitor to Grand Central Starport.
I tipped him off to Steves move to Whidbey Isl.

We blew the whistle on the hour.

The steam powered pencil sharpener was a hit.
It was originally hand cranked and a tad bigger than a softball.
Someone mounted it to an old end table and added a pulley & bearing block, and "Rube Goldberg" took it from there.
At one point, another booth was poking holes in cardboard with pencils and needed them sharpened.
They brought over this HUGE bucket of pencils and we ran them through.

It took till mid day Sat before we had the presses properly running.
The setup that was supposed to happen on Wed, didnt happen till Fri and was bungled at that.
We were doing the whole 4 color cmyk process to print color bar coasters.
Being much thicker than paper, there are a lot of adjustments to be made.
A couple of them, someone had half-assed the platen adjustment and jammed the presses up solid.

We won 8 ribbons and I think that made us the overall winner.
Of course, now, we have to figure out how to top that.

I think I finally found someone to take the DC Arc Mass Spectrometer off my hands,
thus freeing up floor space in storage.

At the moment, I dont have space to clean up the things that are going to the Computer History Museum, but Im hoping to get a bench set up to do that cleaning, this fall.

In the meantime, Im searching for used rivet rack & used pallet rack shelving to further consolidate things in one place so that I can sort.

I recently realized that that weird air calliope I have in storage is probably the engineering prototype for a patent for an improved keyboard action.
Realizing what a piece of history this is, I also now realize that I can not modernize it the way I had planned.

I havent heard back on the Seca 900 yet, but Im not ready to get it back either, so thats OK with me.


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